St Jude's CoE Primary

Home Learning

At St Jude's we believe ‘Home Learning’ should be engaging and inspiring.

Rather than giving children worksheets we provide each child with an login. This is an interactive educational website that guides the child through questions, giving tips if they make mistakes. It can be monitored by the teacher who can then address errors in class. It allows children to match their home learning to what has been covered in class, while at the same time ensuring that no child feels limited; once they have completed the set tasks they are free to explore other areas of learning. We aim for a minimum of 10 minutes per day.

Reading is free learning.

Reading with and to your children will have one of the most profound impacts on both their reading and their writing skills. The more we read the better we become. If your child is already a proficient reader, take the time to ask questions about what they have read.


You can find the current 'Home Learning' for your child on their class page and blog.