St Jude's CoE Primary

Breaking Barriers

Our vision is that St Jude's will be a truly learning centred school which strives to nurture the creative talents of all its learners. We are determined to break down the barriers that hold back children from realising their potential.

We will be a school that puts the children and our staff at the heart of every decision we make. We will foster, above all else, a love for learning that extends a lifetime and in our quest for this we will provide children with opportunities to develop confidence and resilience through our bespoke curriculum. A broad global view will permeate the curriculum and the effective use of ICT will underpin all the school’s systems. We will use the best of modern technology to inspire learning and all future decisions about new buildings will have the flexible and sustainable delivery of our provision as the guiding design principle.

St Jude's will be a healthy, happy school where our pastoral system ensures that everyone feels safe to learn. We will be at the heart of the local community and the church. Our school will be rooted proudly in it’s past but will be dynamic and forward looking; it will be somewhere that remembers to enjoy the experience of today. The name St Jude's  will be synonymous with excellence and professionals both locally and nationally will recognise our practices as the gold standard.

We will be a school that understands how political decisions and the changing nature of education impact our school but we will remain committed to our core belief. We will be a civilised community driven by our desire to serve, and positive personal relationships based around mutual respect will be an important feature of our school. We will continue to value: respect; courage; thankfulness, friendship, trust and believe in the limitless potential of people. All the school’s diverse communities will have a shared vision of the school and will be united by our school purpose, the nub of which will continue to be to inspire learners, and equip them with the skills, confidence and knowledge required to thrive in a changing world.