St Jude's CoE Primary

Board of Governors Membership Details 

The Board of Governors has 14 members:  2 elected Parent Governors; 1 Local Authority appointed Governor; 2 staff Governors, comprising the Headteacher and 1 staff Governor; 1 Co-opted Governor and 8 Foundation Governors.

The Foundation Governors shall comprise 2 appointed by the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education, 5 appointed by the Parochial Church Council of St. George the Martyr. A further foundation member shall be the principal officiating minister of the ecclesiastical parish of St. George the Martyr.

The work of the Governors is unpaid, however the Board employees a clerk to administer the recording of the activities of the Board and offer operational advice when appropriate.    The current membership of the Board is listed on the school website. 

The core requirement of all governors is a commitment to work to see the highest standards of teaching and learning, behaviour and personal development established and maintained at the school in order to maximise the educational progress of every pupil and the flourishing of every member of the school community. All governors are expected to take part in regular training to develop and increase their effectiveness.  

Ken Hayes: Chair of Governors: Foundation Governor                                      Term of office- 14.06.19 - 13.06.23                                                                    Link Governor for: Safeguarding, Inclusion   

Siobhan Aarons: Foundation Governor/ Vice Chair                                            Term of office- 17.09.17 - 16.09.21                                                                    Link Governor for: Resources 

Father Jonathan Segwick: Foundation Governor                                            Term of office- 28.10.14 and holds office while Vicar of St George the Martyr                                                                                                                                    Link Governor for:  Reading and Pupil Premium

Georgina Bale: Foundation Governor                                                                  Term of office- 22.09.18 - 21.09.22                                                                      Link Governor for: Website and Maths 

Harriet Mangeni: Foundation Governor                                                                Term of office- 17.09.17 - 16.09.21                                                                      Link Governor for: Curriculum             

Gianina Botezatu: Parent Governor                                                                    Term of office- 20.10.17 - 19.10.21                                                                      Link Governor for:  Writing and More able

Lauren Scoot: Staff Governor                                                                                Term of office- 04.03.19 - 03.03.23                                                                      Link Governor for: Sports Premium


David Mallen: Local Authority Governor                                                                Term of office- 21.03.19 - 20.03.23                                                                      Link Governor for: Inclusion and Pupil Premium 

Pia Longman: Staff Governor  (Interim Executive Headteacher)                          Term of office- 01.01.19 Remains in post while Headteacher                              Link Governor for: Sports Premium


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